Going Solo

It’s a funny thing, defending something you enjoy to the well-meaning.

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Limits in Writing

I was thinking today about the limits we set and keep in all aspects of our lives. In writing, we have limits according to niches or genres, in ability or knowledge. But we have deeper, stronger limits that hold sway over us, setting up a consequence, or a quick correction.

Our minds warn, “Do this, and careful, this might happen.”

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To Take a Stand, or Not

I just recently passed my 63rd birthday. There are those who would warn me against stating my age publicly, and I’ve considered that. I’m single, with no children and no interest in another marriage. All of my family are dead. People don’t like to hear that; it causes them to make a sad, pouty face, tilt their head, and whisper softly, “Oh, no.” It’s disturbing because it changes the way they think of me. What they think of me.

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Regular Postings

Is the idea of regularly writing posts for your own blog, social media, or website overwhelming?

Time management is one control a freelance writer needs to handle early, particularly if you are working full-time or operating another side hustle in addition to your freelance business.

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