Regular Postings

Is the idea of regularly writing posts for your own blog, social media, or website overwhelming?

Time management is one control a freelance writer needs to handle early, particularly if you are working full-time or operating another side hustle in addition to your freelance business.

I know the unexpected stress a daily job can place on you. Using scheduled postings written during your reserved and planned freelance time can ease this pressure immensely.  No more going to bed on a late Tuesday evening, suffering the guilt of “not doing enough,” and feeling like a failure. Help yourself help your business.

This is easily accomplished on WordPress and Twitter, the two platforms we will review today.

The easiest way to post in a controlled and consistent manner is to write batches of posts ahead of time and schedule their release. The posts should include catchy SEO titles, content, and media. 

You do need to consider several things before and during the time you do this:

  • Don’t schedule posts too far ahead to keep the information fresh and current. If you post informative pieces (like this one), you’re fine with creating up to ten at a time. 
  • Two, insert a post addressing that topic immediately if something occurs in the world that impacts your audience. You don’t want to appear indifferent or out of the loop. These scheduled postings are for important, consistent information you want to display regularly to your readers.


  1. Log in as the administrator
  2. Go to “Posts”
  3. “Add New”
  4. Compose your post
  5. On the right panel, you will see “Publish”, followed by the selection “Immediately”
  6. Tap on “Immediately”
  7. Choose the time and date you want the post to publish
  8. Link the post to your social media accounts


 First, compose your tweet. Then, instead of hitting send, click the calendar icon. You can then schedule the release of the posting.

Twitter’s Website Buttons allow you to attach information-rich photos, videos, and media experiences to Tweets.


  • Don’t use more than one to two hashtags in a Tweet; they can be distracting. 
  • Don’t shout at your audience by using all caps.
  • Currently, this scheduling is only available on the browser-based version of Twitter.

That’s it! I told you it was easy. Now, go help yourself!

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