Online Writing Groups

Find Your Tribe

Writing can be a solitary journey. Still, authors looking to publish their work eventually must face good and bad critiques. Generous, polished authors who recall what it was like when starting out may be happy to give constructive feedback. Writers will also encounter internet trolls, anyone who, although they have never written a single line themselves, wants to tell you precisely what is wrong with your work.

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To Take a Stand, or Not

I just recently passed my 63rd birthday. There are those who would warn me against stating my age publicly, and I’ve considered that. I’m single, with no children and no interest in another marriage. All of my family are dead. People don’t like to hear that; it causes them to make a sad, pouty face, tilt their head, and whisper softly, “Oh, no.” It’s disturbing because it changes the way they think of me. What they think of me.

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