Going Solo

It’s a funny thing, defending something you enjoy to the well-meaning.

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Favorite Books

For years I collected hard-cover editions of newly published Stephen King.

The first book I ever read by King was the dystopian horror, The Long Walk, published in 1979 and borrowed from my local, small-town library the same year. My boyfriend and I had come back to our shared hometown for a joint semester off from college. I worked two jobs to afford a small apartment, my first rental. He stayed with his father.

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Limits in Writing

I was thinking today about the limits we set and keep in all aspects of our lives. In writing, we have limits according to niches or genres, in ability or knowledge. But we have deeper, stronger limits that hold sway over us, setting up a consequence, or a quick correction.

Our minds warn, “Do this, and careful, this might happen.”

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